The new twin-shaft spiral mixer has three key product features. New and upgraded unique spiral blade. Improved shaft seal. High-precision and high-rigidity body.

What's the difference

Spiral Blade

The upgraded spiral blade features a new design which results in fast flow and homogenous mixing. Furthermore, the increased blade thickness makes it highly durable, while the reduced number of mixing arms results in minimal concrete adhesion.

Air Seal

The improved shaft seal utilises an advanced pressure sensor to predict when replacement is needed, making maintenance simple and easy. Furthermore, the use of air instead of grease makes the seal incredibly cost-efficient.

Strong Body

The mixer has a high-rigidity and high-precision body which makes it incredibly strong and durable, preventing deformation. High-precision machining ensures accuracy and the highest quality build.

High Pressure Water Pump

The specialized pump for concrete mixing increases water pressure, which reduces the time needed for water flow tremendously.

Large Maintenance Door

The larger maintenance door eliminates the center pillar for a wider opening, providing a greater ease-of-access to the maintenance tank while reducing workspace limitations.

Wide-ranging Product Line

Our product line encompasses a wide range to suit our customers’ needs. The advanced NEXSTER line is suited for producing high-performance concrete. The NEX line, which ranges from the NEX1250 to the NEX5000 for differing capacities, comes with the KYC standard mixing tools suited for different kinds of concrete. Furthermore, there are two types of Shaft Seals available—the air shaft seal, and the floating shaft seal.

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